Presenter’s Night, On Wednesday evening at 8pm

“Presenter’s Night”, as we are calling it, will give attendees a chance to learn about some old and new things that we feel will be of interest to us all. We will have a couple of Mini folks give a short video presentation and a talk concerning aspects of the Mini they are knowledgeable on, followed by a short Q&A session. We hope that this will not only be entertaining, but also educational.

One presenter is known to everyone in the Mini/MINI community as the owner of one of the oldest parts supply houses catering to the Mini/MINI. I am sure that you all recognize the name Mini Mania and its owner, Don Racine. He has consented to do a short video presentation and talk entitled “Road Racing The Mini”. Don has been road racing the Mini for many years, in recent years alongside his son, Dennis.

Our second presenter, Tyler Gildred, is the owner of Gildred Racing in Santa Ynez, California. Gildred Racing does custom interiors, paint and body work, ground up restoration and specializes in Vtec engine and other engine conversions to the Classic Mini that push the Mini into the 500bhp range of performance vehicles. Tyler has named these conversions “Super Coopers” and his presentation is titled “Building The Super Cooper”. Tyler has brought along one of his “Super Coopers” and we hope you all get a good look at it sometime during the meet.

Presenter’s Night will be held after dinner on June 26th at 8pm in the Castle Peak Auditorium room at the Westin Hotel. We hope you will join us for what promises to be an enjoyable, entertaining and educational evening.

Your East Meets West Planning Committee