show & shine Winners

Class c1 - Mk 1/2

1st Place: Eric Newland, 1960 Austin Se7en

2nd Place: Amanda Silverstein, 1962 Austin Cooper

3rd Place: Jim Predmore, 1966 Austin Cooper S

Class c2 - Mk 3/4/5

1st Place: Larry Atkinson, 1975 Leyland Sprint

2nd Place: Craig Williams, 1973 Austin Saloon

3rd Place: Peter Stout, 1972 Morris Saloon

class c3 - mk 6/7

1st Place: Jeremy Thorpe, 2000 Cooper Sport

2nd Place: Ryan Evans, 2000 Cooper S

3rd Place: Niki Chartier, 1979 Rover Saloon

Class C4 - Variants & International

1st Place: Theresa Kyte, 1968 Wolseley 1000

2nd Place: Craig House, 1967 Morris Cooper S

3rd Place: Mike Kimball, Marcos

Class C5 - LWB Personal

1st Place: Terry Smith, 1965 Morris Traveller

2nd Place: Randy Johnson, 1967 Morris Traveller

3rd Place: Roger Wooley, 1964 Morris Traveller

Class C6 - LWB Commercial

1st Place: Julie Racine, 1963 Austin Pickup

2nd Place: Russ Hansen, 1972 Leyland Pickup

3rd Place: Jennifer Collins, 1966 Austin Moke

Class c7 - Themed & Race

1st Place: Nancy Homer, 1964 Austin Saloon

2nd Place: Jack Holdaway, 1969 Austin Saloon

3rd Place: Tyler Gildred, Super Cooper S

Class M-A Hatchback

1st Place: Gary Morgan, 2005 S

2nd Place: Linda Hogan, 2004 Cooper

3rd Place: Jerry Del Castello, 2006 S JCW

Class M-B Varied

1st Place: Brian Fawcett, 2010 JCW Cabriolet

2nd Place: Mike Foster, 2009 Cooper Clubman S/JCW

3rd Place: Kenn Lively, 2013 Cooper S Coupe

Class m-c Limited Editions

1st Place: Michael & Roxanne Feritta, JCW GP

best of show - people’s choice and judged

People’s Choice, Best of Show

Penny Upton

People’s Choice, Classic Mini

Larry Atkinson, 1975 Leyland Sprint

People’s Choice - MINI

Gary & Terri Morgan, 2005 Cooper S


Best of Show, Judged, MINI

Linda & Terry Hogan, 2004 Cooper

Best of Show, Judged, Classic

Theresa Kyte, 1968 Wolseley 1000

Judged, Classic, Honorable Mention

Rick Higgs, 1973 Leyland Van